About Us

Excited · Driven · Motivated · Encouraging · Passionate · Focused


These are all words that are frequently used to describe the team at Unisafe Global. With over 65 years of our own business experience, we bring a wealth of different talents and view points to the table. Even though we have all this experience we are still very youthful at heart and entrepreneurship is our forte. In fact, its our playground, it's where we succeed and where we have the most fun.

So, hit us up and let's have a chat about your idea or project. Let us guide you to your success - to your own playground where you can find freedom, excitement and your own success.

We specialize in taking new brands and developing them in the market and into established businesses  so that they can compete and play. We also work with established brands that are looking to enter new territories and help them uncover new found successes. 

Sound like what you are looking for? Contact us at info@unisafe.co and let's get the conversation started.

Your Unisafe Global Team  

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